My work began with a love of paint and its many surprises. I built canvases and invented new worlds as alternatives to the world I thought I knew. I studied with Josef Albers, and his theories of color dynamics shaped my use of paint, print and collage. I discovered that color is a multi-faceted value that stretches beyond paint and colored papers to the invention of a unique world—one of dimension and spiritual depth. The vision of transmuted color translates color into the spiritual side of things—color placement morphs space, and that space can support or impede one’s art. I learned about color’s impermanent properties and the dichotomy of light and dark. The depth I seek to create in my work is a metaphor for my conscious and unconscious inner life and the inscrutable outside world.

Much of my work is an abstract story of chase and subterfuge—fleeing and arriving. Metaphorical shapes, grids, hand-cut circles, line quality, belie an undercurrent of my search to explain and describe varieties of depth.

I experiment with visual ideas that change and return to their roots over time. Trial, error, chance and plan lead my eye and hand. I examine the spirit of physical, mental and emotional places, their properties and mysteries, and how we inhabit them. Layers of paint, medium, collage, line, grid variants, poetry’s text, infuse mark with memory. The incantation of hand-forged repeated shapes reveal events on and underneath the surface. Non-linear narratives celebrate color, sensuality and light in their trial for dominion over a potential lack of depth. Color, shape and line describe the present moment, the past, and what little one can know of the future.

Levitation I

Levitation I
15" x 16 1/2"
Encaustic, collage/wood, 2006