All encaustic on wood and on panel. Sizes from 8" x 8" to 18" x 24"
Please use artist's Contact page to request individual sizes and prices.
All 2017, 2018

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A cappella

Oyster Spirit

Oyster Turnaround



Oyster Chain

Mother of Pearl

Oyster and Ghost

Oyster Blue

Oyster Chain II

Oyster Couple Blue Background

Oyster Couple II

Oyster Couple Red Background

Oyster Couple with Red and Blue

Oyster Couple

Oyster Fountain

Oyster Gold

Oyster Punctuation

Oyster Red Background

Oyster Sororal

Oyster Spring

Oyster Surf

Oyster Trio II

Oyster Trio on Red

Oyster Trio Orange Line

Oyster Trio Purple Line

Oyster Trio

Oyster with Pearls

Small Oyster Pink

Small Oyster Red

Two's Company